Journal Articles

2022. The structure of SAY verbs and temporal modification. Snippets 43: 7-9. [Link]

Book Chapters

To appear. Worlds of possibility: Murder, mystery and meaning. In Teaching linguistics with games, ed. Vita V. Kogan, TBD. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press. [with Luisa Martí and Hazel Pearson] [Email me for copy]

Proceedings Papers

To appear. The syntax and post-syntax of verb doubling in Mandarin Chinese. Proceedings of WCCFL41. [with Tom Meadows] [Drive/ResearchGate]

2023. Ambiguity in high/low construal: An Agree-based approach. In Proceedings of the fifty-third annual meeting of the North East Linguistic Society, Vol. 3, ed. by Suet-Ying Lam and Satoru Ozaki, 217-226. Amherst, MA: GLSA. [Lingbuzz]

2023. Verb doubling in Mandarin Chinese as PF-driven lower copy pronunciation. In Proceedings of the 24th Seoul International Conference on Generative Grammar, ed. by Tae Sik Kim and Jungu Kang, 109-120. Seoul: Hankook Munhwasa. [with Tom Meadows] [Drive/ResearchGate]

Other Articles

2022.  “拿来吧你”, 句法移位究竟留下了什么? 信睿周报第80期“神经漫谈”专栏: 21-23页. [What on earth does the syntactic constituent leave after movement? Popular science article in TheThinker 80: 21-23.] [Drive]


In prep. Improper verb doubling. Prepared for journal article. [with Tom Meadows]

In prep. Improper verb doubling in Mandarin Chinese and the Williams Cycle. Proceedings of WCCFL42. [with Tom Meadows]

In prep. D-linkability of Mandarin wh-nominals: A morphosyntactic account. Proceedings of NACCL-36. [with Fangning Ren]

2022. Deriving temporal adverbial clauses in Mandarin Chinese. Ms., Queen Mary University of London. [Email me for copy]