Hi there! I am Charlie Yan1, a 3rd-year PhD student of Linguistics at Queen Mary University of London. I am supervised by David Adger and Coppe van Urk. I got my MA at University College London, and my BA at Shanghai International Studies University.

My research areas are syntactic theories and interfaces in syntax. Currently, I am working in detail on adverbial clauses, A-bar dependency, verb doubling constructions, and syntax-PF interface.

Before becoming a linguist, I was an educational product designer, specialising in competency-based education targeted at students ranging from secondary school to university. Now I only teach linguistics and design related course materials.

I am also a pop-science writer and translator in spare time, concentrating specifically on language sciences (within the broader context of cognitive science).

1My Chinese name is pronounced as [tɕʰjoʊ xɑʊ, jɛn].